"Just Golden Opportunities" is all about Golden Retriever therapy dogs that visit assisted living facilities,nursing homes, hospitals,and reading programs with kids."Just Golden Opportunities" volunteers see first hand how important pet therapy is to kids and seniors within our very own community.

   The Golden Retriever is one of the great companion dogs, and famous for making friends with everyone they meet. It is to no surprise that Golden Retrievers are excellent therapy dogs.Their sweet golden personality makes them popular in multiple categories such as intelligence,training,ownership, and service work year after year. We love our therapy dogs to create that "golden opportunity" for someone to experience first hand the warmth of being loved by a Golden Retriever Therapy Dog.

   "Just Golden Opportunities" thrives on making people smile with any one of our very friendly Golden Retriever therapy dogs. Steve Wilson, founder of this golden idea, volunteers with his dog "Shadow". If you would enjoy sharing your Golden Retriever, and participating in therapy visits, here's the best way to contact me.

 Steve Wilson 
"The Raleigh Dog Trainer"


         this is your "golden opportunity" to make a smile!

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